Techo Rojo



We arrived in the region in 2009, with the intention of working and gaining experience, and along the way we got to know it and marveled at this piece of Chile so unknown to many.

We looked for a place to put down roots, and we arrived at the El Claro sector, where we fell in love with its surroundings, the proximity to the city, the river, the landscape that accompanies, envelops and welcomes us.

Together with our family, we wanted to share this feeling, and it is through El Techo Rojo , a warm and comfortable cabin, where you can wake up in a natural environment, which invites you to relax and enjoy simple things, to experience the pause, listen the wind that runs through the treetops, the sound of the river, the singing of the birds.


Inspired by the rural life of the Aysen region, in the first constructions (shearing sheds, stalls and the “witch houses”), the use of wood and the steep slope of the roof (snow) mainly guided its design.

The Red Roof is built and covered externally and internally with Oregon pine wood and insulated with sheep wool, regionally produced materials. On the outside, a treatment was carried out by burning the surface of the wood, leaving it darke, to finally place it in the form of an averlap or tingle.

It is equipped with thermopane windows and wood heating through a combustion stove in the living room of the cabin, seeking a balance between efficiency and Patagonian experience.



Design, construction and local production

In addition to using locally produced materials such as wood and sheep wool, the team that built the cabin are old teachers, sons of pioneers.
The design was carried out by Casa Rural architects from the region , the furniture by Norwood , local author carpentry, the objects that decorate its spaces are mostly produced by artisans and regional artists and in other cases from other regions of the country.

Sustainable practices

Living in a rural area means adapting to the environment and respecting its natural processes.

At El Techo Rojo we recycle cans, glass, paper, cardboard and tetrapack containers (milk, juices, etc.), which must be disposed of cleanly at the recycling point located in the back corridor.

We have incorporated the use of luffa, which replaces the traditional sponge and locally produced ecological detergent soap, for washing dishes.


Commitment to regional tourism

We know that our territory needs us all and that is why at El Techo Rojo we participate in a network of cabaneros where we support each other in order to provide a better service to tourists who visit our region.

Additionally, in the cabin you can find books and publications about experiences, places, discoveries, flora and fauna of our region.

If you need to coordinate something, we help you with local data.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!



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